Entrance Exam Long distance Candidates

The entrance exam to the classe préparatoire is now open in long distance form for candidates who are non-residents of metropolitan France.

The written and plastic art elements of the exams take place in the candidate’s country of residence (in specific places: French lycée, embassies or consulates).

The oral interview part of the entrance exam takes place via Skype.

Applications must be sent by post on or before May  (date as per postmark).

Admission exams (written and plastic art): May 15th, 2019.

Admission exams  (interview) May 16th, 2019.

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Step 1/

Please be careful to respect deadlines when sending documents.

Registering for the exam with the application form.
Providing the requested documents.

Sending your artistic portfolio and your cover letter.

The artistic portfolio must contain 15 pages that feature examples of your work including, but not limited to, drawings, paintings, volume and photographs. Please ensure that your work is in A4 format.

The address and co-ordinates of the establishment that is organising the entrance exams will be provided at a later date.

The selected establishment must confirm the reception of candidates, via an official letter, both by mail and by post to the following addresses:
Classe préparatoire de l’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon
5, place du Petit Collège 69005 Lyon / FRANCE

The running of the exams falls under the responsibility of the host establishment (French lycée, embassy or consulate).

Applicants will in return receive an official letter of confirmation by mail and by post.

Step 2/ 

Candidates are required to read a book. Information to come.

Step 3/ Admission exams (Written exam and Plastic Art stage) May 15th

Total length of the admission exam: 3 hours

Written exam lasting 90 minutes

Plastic Art exam lasting 90 minutes

The subjects for the exam will be transmitted by the Classe Préparatoire de l’ENSBA Lyon to the establishment hosting the admission exams on the same day as the exam (French lycée, embassy or consulate…).

The candidates exam work is to be returned by internet to prepa@ensba-lyon.fr at the end of the 3 hour period (candidates work will be scanned or photographed).

The results of the admission exams will be transmitted on the day of the exam.

Only eligible candidates are invited to participate in the interview stage of the admission exam.

Step 4/ Admission exam (Interview stage) May 16th

Long distance interview (via Skype) with a jury of teachers from the school lasting 20 minutes.

Candidates motivation will be evaluated, they will be questioned about the book, their artistic portfolio and the work done for the entrance exams.

The results of the interview will be transmitted on the day of the interview by internet and at a later date by post.

Conditions for admission

Candidates must be holders of the baccalaureate or an equivalent qualification. All of the documents provided must be translated into French and certified. A strong knowledge of the French language is recommended for integration into the school. The candidate’s French language skills will be evaluated by the jury during the admission interview.

Creating the best conditions for studying in France http://www.campusfrance.org

If the candidate’s French language skills are not developed enough, subject to the judgement of the admission’s panel, he or she can join the international section.

Registration fees

The registration form(s) for the exam (50 € fee) must be provided to the administration, in May,

For the 2017 – 2018 academic year, the school fees amount to:

  • 1500 euros for students from EU countries (to paid in 3 instalments)
  • 3000 euros for students coming from outside of the EU (to paid in 3 instalments)

These fees can be revised on an annual basis. In addition to theses school fees, supplies and materials are to paid for by students.

Admitted candidates

Registration with the classe préparatoire:
New students must provide their application along with the required administrative documents by June at the latest, accompanied by a first non-refundable cheque for 300 euros (cheques will however be refunded in the event of failure to pass the baccalaureate). The outstanding fees (to paid in 2 instalments in September and December) will be requested upon confirmation of registration at the end of August or September 1st.

Student Status:
Students registered with the classe préparatoire de l’Ensba Lyon can apply to the Crous for a grant. It is however important to note that the  classe préparatoire does not award any diploma and students are not covered by any student social security regime. To obtain social protection, in the case that they are not covered by their parent’s rights, they must contact their local Healthcare Insurance Office (caisse primaire d’assurance maladie) and present their school attendance certificate (certificat de scolarité). Students at the classe préparatoire de l’ENSBA Lyon benefit from “full” student status (grants, student social security and CROUS).