Teaching objectives

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To provide guidance towards a suitable and pertinent artistic path, adapted to the needs and abilities of each student.

The pedagogical dynamic of this year of discovery and training in the plastic and visual arts favours a creative and individual approach. It is intended to allow students to efficiently prepare for different entrance exams into higher and advanced schools of art, and to refine their choices with regard to the different specialities that are proposed by each school. The Classe préparatoire is both a year of initiation and experimentation in plastic practises and a year of thinking and guidance, accompanied by a personalised and individual monitoring of each student’s progress and development.

To be eligible students must be between 17 and 25 years old.


The evaluation of the work done by students is based on a continuous monitoring in addition to two semestrial assessments where each student presents the whole of their work to a jury in a realistic situation. This mimics the conditions of, and prepares students for, the oral section of the entrance exams in French higher schools of art.

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Skills that are developed during the year:

  • Familiarisation with techniques, tools and equipment;
  • multiple and varied approach to modes of plastic and visual expression;
  • development of student curiosity and personality;
  • a curiosity and interest for the fields of contemporary art;
  • learning to give meaning to, speak about, and shape one’s work
  • acquisition of cultural and artistic knowledge leading to a deliberate and informed choice of each student’s future specialisation.

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