School fees

The registration form(s) for the exam (50 € fee) must be provided to the administration, in May, 11st.

For the academic year 2020–2021, registration fees are as follows:

  • 1750 euros
  • 1300 euros for scholarship holders (CROUS)

In addition to these fees applicants must pay a fee that covers their contribution to student life CVEC (92 € for non-Scholarship or non-grant holders).
In addition to theses school fees, supplies and materials are to paid for by students.

Admitted candidates

Registration with the classe préparatoire:
New students must provide their application along with the required administrative documents by June at the latest.

Status of students
Students in the Classe Préparatoire de l’Ensba Lyon all benefit from the full status of student (grants, student social security and access to the CROUS).
Applications for student grants and accommodation can be made to the Crous.